Monday, December 24, 2012


I'm in a much better mood now, lest you were concerned. I've prepared Christmas dinner, I've bought all my presents, I've fought for a parking space in Waitrose carpark at 8am, I've sat outside in the car while Nye collected presents from the post office and I'm almost over the fact that we are quarantined to our kitchen and dining room because the whole damn house is infested with cat fleas. Yup, that's right, our lovely new house is hoaching with fleas and my ankles wrists and right butt cheek look like the worse pictures that come up when you google 'flea bites'. Needless to say I'm not too keen on the previous owners. And their cat is pretty high up on my list too.

Anyway, like I said, I'm getting over it, even if I now have to pee in a bucket in the corner of the bedroom because the bathroom is the worst affected area and the most likely place where my ass (literally) is being mauled and I just can't face going in there any more.

I'm even starting to feel a little festive, tentatively. And aside from the fleas, I love our new house. But more about that after the holidays. For now; merry Christmas to you all, I'll see you in the 2013. xx