Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Plan.

The Plan: 

Today: pack all the things, say goodbye to all the family. 

Tomorrow: clean the whole house

Tuesday: Widdle and Puke and I get on a plane to London, Nye's brother gets off a plane from London. He and Nye pack the house into a hire van, hoping it all fits. Nye's brother's girlfriend (my sister-not-in-law? Maybe we'll just call her 'Mary'), meets us at the airport. We go and pick up the keys for OUR NEW HOUSE then go and stay the night with Mary. Nye and his brother drive for more or less 12 hours through the night with all of the things in the van that may or may not be big enough.

Wednesday: we move all of the things into OUR NEW HOUSE.

Thursday: cry a lot because a) there's all the mess, b) I can't find the coffee pot, c) we finally live in OUR NEW HOUSE. 

Friday: Nye gets on a plane back to Inverness, picks up our car and comes back to The Bat Cave Cottage to get all of the plants and other things that wouldn't fit in the hire van. Then he drives to Glasgow to stay the night with Sophie.

Saturday: Nye drives from Glasgow to London with the plants. 

Sunday: we all live in OUR NEW HOUSE. IN LONDON. 

The end. 

image by Gemma Correll