Friday, February 01, 2013

Let there be colour.

It's February! Joy!

In celebration of it being no longer January I thought we should probably revel in some colour. A little brightness and vibrancy to bring relief to our poor, mouldering eyeballs.

Here are some of the things that I would like in my life right now.

this gorgeous top is by my friend Myf who is absurdly talented. She makes clothes and accessories with silk/hemp blend fabric and hand dyes them with natural dyes. Her shop is here and if you happen to be in Northcote Melbourne, she is running a workshop in natural dying using plants from your garden on March 16th, which I really wish I could go to. 

colour. Sweet sweet colour, by Emily Green. 

More experiments in vegetable dying, by Raw Colour. 

Sunshine in a cup

I wish I'd bought this when it was for sale on Achica, to go with my growing collection of brilliant yellow prints. 

This kitchen from David Mikhail Architects is my dream. I really want a bright pink dining table, at the moment we're using a cheap ikea kitchen worktop on some very cheap ikea table legs. I can not for the life of me find one though. And I can just see Nye's face when I suggest it now. Although he was accommodating enough to let me get the pink table legs

And this skirt. I'm almost certain if I lived in Melbourne and went to Myf's workshop (and had her teach me to sew), I could make this skirt and be effortlessly stylish for ever and ever and ever, the end. As it is I'm just going to make do with this picture by Jasmine Star.