Monday, March 11, 2013

I knit so I won't kill people.

Over the last three weeks I've been taking a course of knitting lessons at iKnit London. I've learned knit, purl, start, stop and Don't Make Holes Where You Don't Mean To Make Holes. Last week I graduated and was set loose into the world with my needles. Via their shop. It's pretty genius marketing; spend three weeks creating an addict and then end the final lesson with a 10% discount. We all left with a pile of wool so expensive that we're now terrified to use it. (Peruvian alpaca and English Wenselydale, if you're interested. I went home via the charity shop and bought some Chinese polyester to practise with.)

And I am an addict. I spend the day twitchy and restless but as soon as I pick up my needles in the evening I feel a sense of calm flood through my body. Then I have to go to bed (bummer) and I fall asleep thinking about knit patterns and yarn types. Nye didn't really get it, then I found this excellent bag on etsy and well, it pretty much sums it up. 

*image from astor knot.