Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bird and Bear {London family photography}

It's been a little while since I mentioned Bird & Bear, in truth because I've been too absorbed with settling in to London to think much about it, but over the last couple of weeks I've been really feeling the gap in my life that is filled by spending time photographing families in all of their natural, imperfect and beautiful glory (nobody puts baby in a basket) and longing to fill my days with family photoshoots again. 

I'm still offering what I think is a pretty nice deal, £200 for two hours of photography with you and your kids (or just your kids, if you don't fancy having your picture taken!) and high-res digital files of 30-50 images sent to you a couple of weeks later. This deal will run to the beginning of August, at which point I'm going to be switching to a more traditional model of charging for time and prints separately. So, if you are interested in some pictures capturing your kids as they are right now, before the little beasts go and change AGAIN (because they keep doing that, and it's really annoying) get in touch and we will set something up. 

I'm based in South London now (in case you didn't know) and will travel throughout London for no additional travel costs. I'm always more than happy to travel further afield though and would love to hear from you if you live outside London too. 

I'm also working on putting together a photobook option, where I design and print a beautifully bound book with the photos from your session. I wasn't sure that anyone would want this because they're not exactly cheap (well, there are cheap options but they look... cheap.) but Nye and I got a book of our photos from W&P's first year printed at Christmas and ohmygod, it's the loveliest thing. A book, an actual book, to sit down with on the sofa with a glass of wine and get completely lost in. It's not quite the same as flicking through thumbnails on your phone. In fact it's a whole other thing, having a tangible object, that if you don't spill your wine on it, will still be in your bookcase to show your kids when they grow up and then their kids when they grow up. I remember a time when that didn't seem magical, when that was just what you did with photos, but now in the iphone era a book full of pictures of your loved ones seems like a truly precious thing. 

There's more info on and you can contact me at


  1. This makes me wish I had children to photograph with you (in totally a good way) and makes me happy we're fianlly gettting our wedding album arranged and will have actual photos in a book.

    1. Do you have a pet? I'm up for some dog photography.

  2. Cara is ACE at dog photography. That girl has gifts!

  3. I'm a little bit gutted you're in London and not Scotland anymore, but I will look forward to seeing shoots on the blog and maybe one day you'll be closer to my neck of the woods?

  4. please come to new zealand!! pretty please!

  5. your photography is so spectacular. it sounds cliche, but there is something so joyful and authentic about it. i'm tired of seeing staged baby photos and posed family portraits. you have a gift for capturing people's truest selves -- London is lucky to have you.

  6. I wish I lived in London!

  7. These are such beautiful photos, I second the wish you were still in Scotland!


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