Monday, June 10, 2013

Map quilts.

I did a family photoshoot at the weekend with the sweetest family (charming, hilarious three year old, delicious smiley 7 month old twins (TWO BABIES), beautiful international parents. More soon.) and when they whipped out a beautiful snowy white quilt embroidered with a map of London for the twinnies to roll around on I was completely entranced. I'd never heard of these map quilts by NYC based Haptic Lab and they are so so gorgeous. They come in a variety of cities and are huge and intricate and wonderful. I want London, New York and Paris. My Sunday family had had a little red heart embroidered onto the spot in London where their eldest was born, which was a really sweet touch. 

Haptic Lab also do DIY kits to embroider your own quilts and wall hangings. Which means that something else has just been added to my list of crafty shit to do with all that free time I have. 

Buy them here

all images by Haptic Lab