Monday, August 12, 2013

July, ramblings.

Here are some photos of our garden in July. July, which has been and gone. Everything has changed faster than I can keep track of. We have lived here for over nine months now. I keep telling people we have just moved to London, but we haven't, it's been almost a year.

My kids are nearly three. That's three years. Three years old. It's really time to start actually parenting them, not just making sure that they don't kill themselves or each other. We should probably teach them to use the toilet and sleep in proper beds, but lord I'm tired. Yesterday Nye went mountain biking all day (he's better by the way) and left me at home with the girls. It was the first time in as long as I can remember that I enjoyed being alone with them all day. Individually they're great, but together they fight and whine and moan and cry and steal each others' shit and it drives me completely nuts. I shout at them 'WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NICE TO EACH OTHER FOR FIVE MINUTES?' and they look at me like I'm stupid. They have a point.

Somehow it's over half way through the year but we've only photographed seven of this year's twenty weddings. To my surprise, most of those weddings are in and around London. It's pretty cool.

On Wednesday Nye and I are going to France, by ourselves. We'll be away for five days. I'm photographing a party one of those days, and we'll spend two of them travelling, but the other two are all ours, all alone in France. It will be our fifth wedding anniversary while we're there. Some of you started reading this blog more than five years ago. Hi. And thank you. It blows my mind that you keep coming back, despite the fact that for the last three years I've mostly been writing 'I don't know what to write.'

A few months ago I started writing properly. I got up every morning before anyone else was awake and I sat at the computer and wrote Shit I Can Remember for an hour. Then W&P would wake up and I would spend another hour drowning out their hysterical yelling with white noise through my headphones. I did this every day for a month. I wrote 28,000 words. Then I stopped. For a long time my heart was too sore. Today I woke up at 6.30am and started again. Who knows if it will stick this time.

Over the last three months I've photographed nine families in and around London. To my surprise, I love it. I think maybe this is what I want to do when I grow up. I've also started building another website, with my personal work. I really want to get more into lifestyle photography, photographing people and places and spaces and things. I kind of want to show you it but I've kind of called the business my real name, and I'm not sure I'm ready to share that. For now it's okay because I have no idea how to get any work photographing people and places and spaces and things. Does anyone from Country Living read my blog? Would you like to hire me please?


  1. Keep getting up with the birds to write shit you can remember. Enjoy those precious days in France!

  2. I used to write every day too but shit happens and the writing comes and goes and the blogging does too. When I started blogging my daughter was 3, now suddenly she's 10 and I could probably get her to blog for me or instead of me!
    I love your climbing flowers, I wonder if they would grow here? I've just posted a bog on my garden too this morning.
    Keep taking photos and let the kids fight, one day they'll be best friends. xx

    1. Thank you! And sweetpeas are native to Italy and Sicily apparently, so I'm guessing you could grow them just fine.

  3. You're writing again! How wonderful, hope it goes well for however long you feel like going. Also I love your garden posts. Properly love them, they bring such peace and joy.

  4. I love your writing. So glad you're getting to do it again. Power to the white noise headphones!

  5. Goodness this is my dream too. If only someone would just pay me to take pictures of gardens and baby lambs and farmhouse bread all day long... le sigh.

    I wanna see your website!!! Maybe we can critique each other from afar via email? Today I'm drafting up pricing/discounts/packages for my family photography biznass. Daunting as shit.

    Also, I love that you swear on your blog. I love it so much. I would if my grandparents didn't read it. Thanks for being so open in this space.


    please keep writing.

  7. Holy. Shit. It's been five years since the wedding? Five years since The Shoes??! I can't believe I've been creeping on your blog that long.

    Congrats times a million, you guys. Seriously. And have the best time in France.

    Oh. And keep writing. Obviously. You're doing something right, that's for damn sure.

  8. christ, p, this post has me in tears. my heart is swollen, full of love for you.

  9. your garden turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! hopefully it's a place where you can relax and take pride in your fruitful efforts. though gardening is certainly a never-ending job, so you can't relax for too long... :0)

    and good for you for writing! you would make a delightful author of a book! i really mean that.

    i want to call you pix because i feel like i know you kinda personally (WEIRD). i started following you, gosh probably 4 years ago? well it was after nye and before the girls :) anyway, i've stayed with you because you are so personal and real and i love hearing about your life. your photos are beautiful too. :)

    have a lovely august in london and france,
    mary beth

  10. I love your writing. And your photos.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in France x

  11. Amazing. Simply amazing. The garden, the words, all of it.
    So happy for you about this France and little holiday business.
    Just what you need.

  12. I love your writing - sometimes I read your blog and think why do I bother! Your writing nails it, every time. Please keep up with it. And yes my kids do the same, drives me demented. I'm told it will pass, I will be an empty shell of a human being by then I expect! Jxx

  13. I always love the photos of your garden so much. You two have done amazing things, given how it started. (Also, how have you been in London for nearly a year already???)

    Happy 5 years, friend. I can't believe it's already been that long. xx

  14. Wow, five years.. I started reading this blog when I first moved to London and got my first job. I didn't know anyone, so I would read it at lunch. It was great company.

    Since then I made friends, met a boy and bought a house, but I still pop by to read about your girls, your garden and your honesty. And you're still great company.

    Thank you for ALL the words and happy anniversary!

  15. There is a dream inside every heart
    Like a dove caught in a box it'll cower, freak out, flap about... maybe even die
    if you're not careful
    if you forget it
    if you neglect it
    if you don't think about setting it free
    and then

    Your dreams are cool. We will love them along with you faw shaw... this blog is evidence of that!!!

  16. Holy shit, I've been reading this blog for over five years. Where *does* the time go, exactly?

    I really want someone to hire you to photograph people and places and spaces and things. I love those kinds of photographs of yours very, very, very much.

    I might love your writing more, though. Here's to 6:30am. And here's to evergreen growth, in whichever form it takes.


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