Friday, October 25, 2013

fashion, backstage

I don't know if I've ever mentioned that I went to art school planning to study fashion design. I've loved fashion ever since I bought my first copy of Vogue at 15. I was flying home from Paris with my mum and it was the only English magazine in the airport shop. I fell in love. Yet over the next couple of years something changed, big bad things happened in the world and I decided that fashion was frivolous, that there were stories to tell in this world. So I studied photography instead, hoping that maybe I could tell them. People often asked me if I ever fancied combining my two loves and going into fashion photography, but I always said no. Fashion photography as I knew it was about creating stories, not capturing them, and I've never had any desire to create stories. Then someone offered me the opportunity to capture a story, to spend some time behind the scenes at a fashion shoot, photographing the process behind creating those flawless images that you see in magazines and on websites. 

I spent the whole day with a group of amazing women who were working together to create something beautiful and I did that thing I love; capturing moments that individually might not mean a lot but that add up to tell a story that otherwise you might never hear. 

fashion; Teija  
make up; Francesca Martin 
(official) photographer; Zoe Barling 
model; Martina