Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bird & Bear {last minute Christmas gifts}

Apparently I missed a trick this year, probably because we were so busy with weddings right up until the beginning of December. My friend Rachel hired me to take some pictures of her family, she sold it to her husband thus; 'you get to spend a couple of hours with Cara, we get beautiful pictures of Pip and we don't have to do Christmas shopping because we can give everyone we know prints.' Thankfully he was sold. 

The ship has sailed for this year and that really quite excellent marketing opportunity, but if you're still looking for a gift for a beloved family you know, I'm selling gift vouchers (that you can print at home) for a two hour family session in the London area and will be right up until Christmas eve. See my website for details and email me at


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. And that last photo is pure magic.

  2. gawgeous. also: rachel is always so unbelievably stylish.

  3. These pictures are stunning Cara! Not only have you shown great expertise with the style of shots, you've encapsulated the wonder in the little Pip's eyes and the love and happiness in her parents'.

    Really beautiful work :)

  4. Thanks Cara, we were so pleased with the photos, as were all the recipients. I love seeing your selection here as well. x

  5. ps. thank you Kathleen, those are very kind words x


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