Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A New Print Shop and A Mother's Day Discount


(A quick link to the new shop is on the right hand sidebar on the blog. Or here.) 

When I came across those little boxes of prints that I hadn't sold and put them on etsy I was reminded of how nice it is to send my photographs out into the world, to see my pictures as physical objects, to hear that people like them enough to exchange them for money and to know that they will be enjoyed for more than the 15 seconds it takes to skim a blog post. I was also reminded however of what a total pain in the tits wrapping, packaging, labeling and posting things is, and that was with ordering them from the printers taken out of the equation. The logistics of doing that for a mere 12 sets of prints had me quivering on the edge of boredom and frustration induced tears more than once. I'm not big on repetitive tasks, feats of organisation or going to the post office. 


So when I heard about Society6 (thanks to my friend Laura, check out her shop, she's awesome) and that I could upload my images and they'd do the rest and maybe I'd make some money out of it, I was really pleased. Sure, it's a little sad not to actually see my photos as prints and not to feel them in my hands before sending them off, sure it's a little less personal than etsy or suchlike, but it is also just that much easier, especuially now that I live on a mountainside, on the edge of a village where the mail comes occasionally and the post office is open for three hours a day. 

Scottish Landscape, I

My shop is here, and everything is for sale in a number of sizes. For now the images are mainly from the last few years and are divided into loose categories of France, Scotland, New York, Gardens (you can see the various 'collections' here.) I'm hoping to add more of France over the next few months, or maybe even to start a separate shop with only French images. 


I would love your feedback. If there are any of my images that you would particularly like to see listed please let me know. 

Just for today Society6 is offering a $5 discount and free shipping (maybe just to the US? I'm not sure) on everything as Mother's Day is coming up (again. We already did it in the UK back in March but who am I to argue with American timekeeping) but it is just for today, Tuesday April 28th, so hop to it. 


  1. i'm so glad you're doing this - go cara go! (no, autocorrect, not 'cars.' i don't especially care if they go.)

  2. Yayayayayay! This is fantastic dear C.

  3. That is so awesome that you are on Society6 now! They have lots of great artists. It is also so wonderful to hear that you are enjoying life in the French countryside too. It brings me back to the period when I lived there for a few months. It was really something pretty crazy and idyllic as well.
    I saw a very, very old comment from you and wanted to say hi! I wish you lots of wonderful pain and fromage!

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