Saturday, April 25, 2015

Four weeks ago.

We are all in France, together. I don't quite believe it.

It is the Spring Holiday so W&P have been off school for two weeks. 

I'm sick, I have a vile virus that has left me completely useless. 

I have done nothing for weeks. It has stopped being relaxing and started being stressful and depressing.

It's asparagus season. I think asparagus is alright but I don't entirely understand it.

All of France smells of wisteria and lilacs.

This is our local place to walk and play and go to the organic market on a Tuesday night. I've never seen anywhere more French. Four weeks ago it was really cold, we wore hats. Yesterday I wore a dress and bare legs and made daisy chains in the grass. I was too ill to take a camera with me. I want to take photos before the wisteria falls though. I've already missed the blossom trees. Even when time has stopped it just keeps going. 

* I don't have a proper computer here, just a tiny little laptop that doesn't edit photos. I can resize them and stick pairs together, it takes forever but  I can do it, but I can not colour balance and adjust brightness and contrast and that stuff. Posting pictures without editing them is kind of killing me. Just so you know.