Hi, I'm Cara. I'm a photographer, writer and lover of profanity. 

I'm married to Nye and we have five year old twin girls called Widdle and Puke. We met in Edinburgh and since starting this blog have lived in Glasgow, South London, Languedoc in France and now we have finally settled in the Western Isles of Scotland, where I grew up.

Peonies and Polaroids was started in 2008 as a place to blog about our forthcoming wedding; a DIY, vintage-inspired, totally 2008 rain-fest in the gardens of a Scottish castle. After our wedding I didn't want to give up on the community that had gathered here and continued writing about design, poetry and photography before finally opening up about the infernal battle with infertility and depression that I had been fighting for the last few years. 

After one incredibly successful round of IVF we found we were expecting twins and P&P became a place to talk about the things no one tells you about pregnancy before finally morphing seamlessly into a parenthood blog in the winter of 2010. 

I have been writing about parenthood on and off for the last four years, focusing more on the despair and faeces than on the magic and rainbows. Which isn't to say that I don't love my children, but fuck, kids are hard work. I stopped writing about my kids after a while, as they were reaching an age where I began to feel uncomfortable using their stories without their knowledge. Now Peonies and Polaroids is a place to share my photography, interesting stuff I've read on the internet and bits and pieces of our journeys - literal and metaphoric - as we try to find the life we know we want for our family.