Tuesday, January 31, 2017


In January I - 

looked after a dog
decided I am not for two dogs
gave the dog back 
missed the dog 

shot a roll of fim
spent two days in the dark room
had some quite vivid and unpleasant dreams about being back at art school 
fantasized about going back to art school

lost hope
found hope
lost hope
(repeated infinitely with a distinct plummet in the overall trajectory starting around the 21st) 

turned 32
put my neck out
gained a dress size

How was your month? 

Friday, January 06, 2017

Bluebird and the Bear - January

If you follow me on instagram (which I'm only just now, this week, coming to accept is where my blog has gone) you could be forgiven for thinking that I don't make New Year's resolutions, preferring to just bitch about how insanely annoying I find the entire New Year New You *sparkles emoji* industry. But you'd be wrong, I love a bit of early January reflection on the year past and vague, non-committal planning for the year ahead. 

One of my goals for 2017 is to find a way to make my work, well, work from Uist. What with Nye working extremely anti-social hours and me going back to studying and the girls having to be at school all the fucking time, there wasn't as much space for travelling to the mainland as I would have liked over the last but I'm half way through my course and Nye's circumstances have changed and so it looks like after a tumultuous 2015 and 2016, 2017 might be the year when we can start to make work work again. 

In the meantime I have been reflecting on all of the beautiful families that I did manage to photograph this past year and what a joyful reflection that has been. 2016's sessions were small but perfectly formed, with a handful of new families and a good number of second and third sessions with families who I have photographed for many years now. I've said it a hundred times but revisiting families to photograph them as they grow is probably one of the greatest pleasures I've ever had as a photographer. 

My first sessions of 2017 will be in Glasgow and Edinburgh at the end of this month - January 21st and 22nd and I would love to hear from you. You can find more information about pricing here and contact me at cara@birdandbear.co.uk 

I am also planning some sessions February 11th and 12th, either in Glasgow or London - depending on demand so please do let me know if you are interested in those dates. 

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 (ish)

I have spent this afternoon looking through the photographs on my hard drive, the ones I took with my 'real' camera this year, and picking out my favourite and best. Curating them, one might say, if one were an arsehole.

When I say this year's photos, I mean the ones I took of my home and my family - not the work ones of which there have been maybe not as many as I would like but more than I might have expected from a year living on Craggy Island in the remote and beautiful Hebrides. I had naively planned to do a stock take and recap of my work work once I bashed out a quick' 2016 In Photos, The Personal Ones' but four hours later  I'm seeing in triplicate, my computer is starting to overheat and my fingers are as cold as a witch's tit. And apparently we have a party to get ready for.

To be honest I can't really say that this is 2016 in photos as there is so much of this year that escaped capture on anything other than my phone (it's all there on instagram if you want to have at it  - the storms and employment fluctuations, the trips off the island, the birthdays and anniversaries and first days of school, then starting college and the immersion in my course that followed), rather this is bits of 2016 in photographs, the rare occasions when I took my real camera out.

Let's call it a year of dry days, three changes of address, Lyra figures out she can swim and the progression of a top knot. That works for me.

 I know that on a global scale 2016 has been a bit of a shit but if anything maybe it can remind us to hold on to the beautiful moments ahead, because however fast our journey in that handcart may be the moments of mundane magic, of everyday miracles, of the golden light will be there too.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year. Thank you for sharing this last one with me. x