Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A Christmas Sale

The season is upon us. May your festive spirit be more intact than mine. 

I've been feeling distinctly absent of said spirit this year, it was starting to creep tentatively into my soul but then was thoroughly scared off by the upheaval and change and uncertainty (all those things I love so much) of sudden and unplanned unemployment which crashed noisily into our lives a fortnight ago. Fun times! 

Anyway, as the dust settled I discovered this huge pile of christmas cards left over from last year and sets of cards that I spent months working on at the beginning of the year and then sort of forgot about when we moved house in April and then thoroughly forgot about when we moved house again in July. In the interests of not wasting all of that effort (and making enough money to pay for christmas dinner), I have posted them all on etsy

There are the same snowy roadtrip Christmas cards (although I prefer to call them holiday cards, because they don't mention Christmas and so are totes non-denominational) I sold last year - five images from the scenic motorway between Glasgow and Inverness - and also four different sets of art cards printed with images from our time in the south of France. 

Each set is five images on a theme - food, flowers, market, and architecture - all très français. They are printed on beautiful heavy card stock and are perfect for displaying as a set, framing individually, sending as thank you cards or giving as a set to your favourite francophile, photophile or friend who just doesn't write to you enough (passive-aggressive gifting FTW). They are flat cards, blank on the back, except for a discreet labeling with my real and actual name (*shock face emoji*) and come with lusciously thick envelopes.

They will be ready to post on Monday and should reach the USA, Canada and most of Europe in plenty of time for Christmas.

Oh and there is also my Society6 print shop, my poor neglected print shop - with a variety of my older work from France, Scotland and New York available as canvases and prints, framed and unframed, on metal or the more traditional paper. Today there is 20% off canvases and metal prints, so it's a good day to get in there. 

Thank you in advance for your custom and endless support over the years. And sorry for ditching the blog. Did I ever mention that I went back to college? I went back to college. It's intense. I'm not done with P&P though, lest you were worried/noticed I was gone/are still a weirdo who reads blogs.

Peonies and Polaroids - the Etsy Shop

Peonies and Polaroids - the Society6 Shop

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Stolen Afternoon

Sometimes life gives you a rainy afternoon in London when you least expect it. Thanks life. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring in West London

It doesn't look like spring in West Scotland. Climate differences have led to the lack of several key species north of the M6... 

- Pink Shirt, Suede Loafers & Beguiling Cologne Man
- Expensive Hair, Bugaboo & Sunglasses Indoors Woman
- Topknot, Leather Jacket & Too-Short-Trousers Man 
- Pavo Cristatus (Peacock, innit.) 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Conversations with myself.

Rain or Shine, by Cathy Cullis

Ugh, what am I doing with my life?

Right now? You're walking the dog.

No, not right now. Overall, with my life. What am I for? What's is the point of me? What do I doooooo?

Well you walk the dog, you take care of your family, this morning you did some laundry and hoovered the hall and sometimes you get paid to answer other people's emails...'

Uh huh. That's not really helping.

What do you want to do with your life?

Write. And take pictures.

And what did you spend this morning doing?

Writing. And taking pictures.


But there was no point to it, no one paid me to do it, it didn't make any money...

Oh. So money is the point. You want to get paid?

It would be nice, yeah.

Do you need to get paid?

I don't understand the question. 

I mean do you need to get paid? Do you need more money?

It would be nice.

Yes, but do you, right now, need money? Are there things missing in your life that you need that you can only have if you get paid for what you do? 

Um.... Well... No, not really.


But if I'm not getting paid then what's the point? 

Are you happy? Are you getting better at what you do?

Maybe that's the point?

Oh shut up. What do you know. 

I know that you want to write and take pictures. I know that you do write and take pictures. I know that you want to get paid but you don't financially need to get paid. Maybe you would like to get paid, maybe emotionally and mentally you need to get paid but right now, this week, you are not getting paid.Yet there is the potential, that in the future, once you have scrubbed your step, you might be in the position to get paid. Is that correct?

Okay good, glad we sorted that out. Now maybe we can get on with doing what we do and worry about getting paid later? When we need to?

You know we're very lucky that we don't need to worry about getting paid right now?

I do. I also know you added that bit so the Internet wouldn't hate us and think we're a whiny ungrateful bitch. 

I did. 

Thanks for looking out for us. 

You're welcome. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Let's go fly a kite.

The wind is as light as it gets in February, a mere 15mph - perfect kite flying weather. That yesterday two kites arrived in the post, completely unexpectedly, is serendipity at its finest.  
My aunt, their great aunt, clicked some buttons in Canada and had them sent to us and we are desperate to see them airborne. Or rather, they are desperate to see them airborne, I am desperate to go to bed as I have had a sort of a head and a sinus and a throat and a muscle thing for a few days and I feel like a bag of cold turd. But the bright blue sky, the glowing grass and the squeals of excitement from my winter-bored children draw me outside and into the red striped, metal framed, finger snapping deck chairs that used to live in my Grandparent's shed and make a once or twice yearly appearance on the lawn when I was a kid. Memories of skin sheared from knuckles turn to warnings that 'If you play with those chairs they will eat your fingers right off'. Sometimes I lie to my children to keep them safe.  
I lean into the taut canvas with a cup of coffee and watch as Nye shows them how to string the kites, where to stand, how to hold firm as he runs across the garden trying to catch the wind.  Huddled in my parka and hat and scarf and gloves and snow boots I shiver in the cut glass air of a February afternoon - watching my family play, listening to the dog go mental for the flying thing she is not allowed to attack and marvelling at the golden light that bathes my world.